Access Control Systems

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Access control is now an accepted part of business and communal accommodation operations. It protects both personal and physical assets by allowing access to those people who are authorised and restricting access to those who are not.

There are a number of access control systems available, ranging from audio/visual entry systems, digital keypad entry systems, magnetic swipe card/proximity card systems to biometric devices, such as finger print readers etc.

PC based systems are the amongst the most flexible, allowing the system administrator to add strict access restrictions to ensure that only authorised individuals/personnel can enter areas at particular times of the day. The system administrator to view when an card holder arrives and leaves site, what areas of a building they have accessed and at what times, and where an attempt is made by a card holder to access a restricted area.

Connections to alarm devices such as visual, audible or remote alarms can also be triggered when a door is forced.

We have experience in the design and installation of all these systems including equipment that is controlled by access control systems such as, vehicle barriers, automated gates, road blockers, turnstiles etc.